“Mr. Trudeau, credo che Lei debba delle scuse alle comunità di origine greca, portoghese e italiana. Parlando a Edmonton, Lei ha associato queste comunità non alla comunità islamica, per la quale abbiamo tutti ammirazione e rispetto, ma ai terroristi dell’ISIS. La domanda che le è stata fatta era specifica e riguardava la lotta ai terroristi … Continue reading LETTERA APERTA AL PRIMO MINISTRO TRUDEAU

It is easier to become a Canadian citizen

But is this new immigration law better than the old one? For the honest and legitimate, new immigrant, it is good. For those dishonest and ready to exploit Canadian generosity, it is better, much better. by Angelo Persichilli THE HILL TIMES (Oct. 9, 2017) Beginning this week, it’s going to be easier for immigrants with … Continue reading It is easier to become a Canadian citizen

Feds looking at ways to fight organized crime in Canada

by Angelo Persichilli THE HILL TIMES  (Oct. 2nd, 2017) I learned last week that the federal government is concerned about the popular perception that our institutions are not serious about fighting organized crime in Canada. The office of the justice minister is looking at initiatives to fight this perception and wants to make sure it … Continue reading Feds looking at ways to fight organized crime in Canada

Organized crime in Canada is a problem, says expert Nicaso

Nicaso, one of the world’s leading experts on organized crime, says ‘the fight against organized crime has never been a priority in Canada.’ By Angelo PERSICHILLI (The Hill Times)  25 Sept. 2017 Last week, CityTV stations aired the first of a six part series of Bad Blood (8 p.m. every Thursday), a true story based on Business or Blood: Mafia … Continue reading Organized crime in Canada is a problem, says expert Nicaso

Manipulating structures to hide failures

By ANGELO PERSICHILLI Sept. 18, 2017 The decision of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to divide ministerial responsibilities for Indigenous issues reminds me of Italy’s politicians. The only difference is that while the latter manipulate the Italian language to camouflage their inability to solve the problem, the former is manipulating the structure to give the impression that … Continue reading Manipulating structures to hide failures

We are all pro-environment…until we are asked to do something about it

In My Opinion


The Hill Times (April 3, 2017)

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand there is something seriously wrong with the environment.

Sunset Toronto sunrise from Mississauga (Photo by Angelo Persichilli)

At the same time, you don’t have to be a political science professor to understand that politics is the major obstacle to the solution of the problem. This is because in politics you are not judged by what you do, but by what you say. If you say the right “politically correct” thing, nobody cares about the results.

Aside from organizations like Greenpeace, many so-called environmentalists are political activists, polluting the debate to advance their political cause. They preach the obvious but they have no implementable plan on hand.

To understand the difficulties, one needs only to read last week’s projection from Environment Canada according to which the country is “on pace to miss its reduction…

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