Free trade rhetoric has never matched reality

by Angelo Persichilli (The Hill Times - 16 Oct. 2017) The North American Free Trade Agreement is a tool nobody likes but everybody needs and uses it. Conversations among partners are surreal. “Excuse me, are you Mike?” The answer: “No, I am Mike.” “Sorry, I believed you were Mike.” Since the beginning of the conversations … Continue reading Free trade rhetoric has never matched reality

It is easier to become a Canadian citizen

But is this new immigration law better than the old one? For the honest and legitimate, new immigrant, it is good. For those dishonest and ready to exploit Canadian generosity, it is better, much better. by Angelo Persichilli THE HILL TIMES (Oct. 9, 2017) Beginning this week, it’s going to be easier for immigrants with … Continue reading It is easier to become a Canadian citizen

Foreign politics or domestic minestrone?

By ANGELO PERSICHILLI The Hill Times June 26, 2017 I didn’t pay a lot of attention three weeks ago when Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered a speech heralded as the “new blueprint” for Canadian foreign policy. However, later, reading the media reports, considering the increasing tension in the world and the dangerous lack of leadership, … Continue reading Foreign politics or domestic minestrone?