Clinton is not the solution to the problem Trump

(Versione italiana) Last week, I read a story about Muslim groups in the US launching a vigorous political campaign against Donald Trump. Specifically, theyve started get-out-the-vote campaigns to stop the Republican presidential candidate to the White House.

I completely understand their feelings towards Trump given his positions and statements on the Muslim community in US that are not just misleading, they’re simply unacceptable. However, I have an observation to make and a question to ask to the Muslim community.

While I understand and support the resentment against Trump, I don’t understand what they want to accomplish with this political intervention. Do they believe that millions of Americans are prejudice against Muslims because Donald Trump is saying what he’s saying, or Trump is there because he has captured the mood of many American voters?

Personally, I believe that the latter is true. If I’m right and Trump will be defeated, they would only remove the consequence of the problem, not the cause.

I am glad not to be an American citizen this fall so I don’t have to face the embarrassing decision to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as my president; even if I’ve already written that I would plug my nose and vote for Clinton.

Still, if they want their issues addressed, they have to go beyond Trump and ask why millions of American citizens have, wrongly, some prejudices against the Muslim community.  

There is no simple answer to a question as complex as this. Still, a major component is the activity of terrorist groups targeting America and Americans in the name of Islam. Of course there is no real connection between the bloody killers of ISIS and the peaceful Muslim communities around the World. In fact, it’s ISIS trying to infiltrate those communities in an attempt to camouflage their killers as good, law abiding Muslims.

And this is the core of the problem with millions of Americans supporting Trump; its a lack of information and education about Islam and current affairs in America, Europe, and around the World.

In order to eliminate the causes of the friction between Muslim communities and millions of Americans supporting Trump, it’s necessary for Muslims to start openly, publicly and loudly condemning the actions of the radical counterparts. Opening a dialog with Americans confused about the role of the Muslim community in United States would really make Donald Trump irrelevant.

Attacking Trump and supporting Clinton, wouldn’t solve their problem and would only make them pawns in the political domestic fight between Democrats and Republicans.

And, both of them (the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama) have no strategy to solve the problems in Middle East and Arab Countries, other than sending troops and fight or bombing them. Just as Trump would do in case of victory.

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