Unfortunately, one of them will be president

(Segue la versione in italiano)

debatePolitical debates can influence the outcome of an election only if the participants can say or do something that will stick in the mind of voters for a long time and frame the image of the opponent in a negative (or positive) way. During the first debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump none of such happened. Both of them throw the furniture at the opponent, but a) were all things already heard for the last six months, and b) were presented in a way that no mortal or not even serious wounds were inflicted to the opponent. Each candidate didn’t lose any support because of the debate but, at the same time, they gained none.

The debate was lively, even enjoyable from a show business perspective, it was almost like watching House of Cards, but, like House of Cards, you turn the TV set off and you go back doing exactly what you were doing before. No punch line like “You had an opinion, Sir” and no damaging images like Richard Nixon sweating during the debate with John Kennedy.

The Monday night debate confirmed what we already knew, both of them are two empty shells filled with platitudes. The only difference is that one serves them at MacDonald, the other at a five-star restaurant.

Unfortunately, the real problem is that one of them will be the President of United States. But we knew that too.


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